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Begining of your adventure (Route 1)

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Begining of your adventure (Route 1)

Post  Ameer on Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:04 pm

As soon as you enter the route for the first time, you'll walk along with Cheren and Bianca until you see Prof. Juniper. She's gonna school all of you and show you how to catch a Pokemon! Pay attention to her, because she'll point out the commands, just in case you weren't familiar with them. She uses a Minccino L7 to catch a Patrat L2.

After her demonstration, she'll give you 5 Poke Balls. Now you can catch your own Pokemon if you so desire! Bianca and Cheren decide that they're too good for you and want to go ahead with their Pokemon, maybe catching a few of their own, so they'll leave you free to wander Route 1 by yourself. That's great, because you're probably itching to catch some new Pokemon, huh?

Talk to the lady in the middle of the second patch of grass and she'll give you a free Potion. Hey, can't go wrong with that, huh? You might need it in an upcoming fight, too, so hold onto it and don't use it carelessly against wild Pokemon battles!

When you get to the northern end of this very simple route, you'll see Bianca and Cheren waiting there for you. They wonder if you caught any Pokemon and sort of have a contest as to who caught the most Pokemon. Just say yes or whatever, and then the three of you will get a call on your Xtransceiver (pronounced "cross-transceiver") that you got from your mom. It's basically like a four-way video conference... on your watch!

Actually it's a kind of neat concept, showing you a cutscene with portraits of the four of you all talking with lips moving and stuff. Apparently you can use this Xtransceiver thing to do that with other actual people nearby, but you'll use it throughout the game for certain dialogue scenes, which is cool.

Juniper is on the line and tells you and the gang that you should go to the Pokemon Center in the next town, Karakusa Town, and she'll teach you how to be a responsible Pokemon Trainer. You know, because healing your Pokemon is super important.

Head north and you'll enter your next destination: Karakusa Town!

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