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This is Route 2

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This is Route 2

Post  Ameer on Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:09 pm

Route 2

Shortly after entering the route, you'll receive a call on your Xtransceiver from your mom. After some dialogue, it turns out she was actually right behind you and heard that you were going to Striaton City! To make your journey easier, she gives you the Running Shoes, which now let you run by holding in B. Handy! No, it doesn't look like there's a feature to auto-run, though. Oh well.

Now head through the grass and pick up the Potion in the middle of it. Get ready, because you're gonna fight some Trainers pretty soon! But also be sure to catch some Pokemon in the grass, since there are plenty of new ones available for you and Trainer battles are a great way for them to earn experience.

The Trainers use Pokemon that are about level 7 or so, so you'll want to keep your new Pokemon under careful watch of your starter in case things get rough. Remember, switch-training can be your best friend here, so be sure to utilize that. What's switch-training, you ask? Well it's just starting with the Pokemon you're looking to train, then switch it for a stronger Pokemon like your starter Pokemon to finish the fight, splitting the EXP.

The first three Trainers use level 7 Patrat, Purrloin, and Lillipup in that order. Just one Pokemon on each Trainer's team, of course. It's just enough to give you a good run for your money, but a lot more of a challenge than in some of the more recent games.

Past the three Trainers, you'll find the city up to the north, but you can also climb some steps and head south to pick up a Potion and a Poke Ball in a little secluded area. Hey, why not? You might have seen these earlier if you dealt with the people playing instruments.

Anyway, as you head north towards Striaton City, you'll be challenged by Bianca, who wants a battle right away to test out her newly caught Pokemon!

She shouldn't be very hard at all, especially since her main Pokemon is weak to the type your starter is. Hopefully yours learned one of its elemental attacks by now, because that will be your best bet against hers.

After beating her, she'll leave, allowing you to visit Striaton City.


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