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Dream Ruins

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Dream Ruins

Post  Ameer on Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:18 pm

There's a Lass right up front that has two Purrloin L8 while the Youngster after her has two Patrat L7 and a Lillipup L7.

Now if you go and talk to the person past the two Trainers, he'll take a look at your starter Pokemon's type and will offer to give you a Pokemon that will complement its type and help against the Gym Leader. In my case, he offered me Pansear because I started with Oshawott, but if you chose Tepig, he will give you a Pansage, and if you chose Snivy, he'll give you a Panpour instead. Just answer yes with a spot in your party and he'll give you the proper elemental monkey at level 10.

That will make a great addition to your team, particularly for the upcoming Gym Leader battle, so consider training it up a few levels. There's also an X Defend right by him. Unfortunately that's all you can do here for now, though, so go back, heal up your Pokemon, maybe fit in a little bit of training, and then get ready to take on the Gym!

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